Wind Energy to Save our Water

We are Nebraskans

We are Nebraskans.  The founders of the company grew up in Nebraska and have deep ties to Nebraska.  We are energy guys who have been focused on developing projects in NE since 2009.  We are convinced that using more wind energy can leave more water available for drinking an irrigating our fields.  Whisky’s for drinking.  Water’s for fighting.  We are looking for people who want to join the fight with us to save our water.

We are getting bigger

We are getting bigger.  In late 2012, we bought the Cornhusker development in Saline County from RES Americas, a global wind developer and contractor.  We are in talks to take over as lead developer for several other projects.  If you have a good project that is stagnating, we would like to have a conversation about working together.

ARM Developed Projects

  • Monument Road – 100MW;
    located in Thayer County, NE; 4 years met data
  • Byron – 100MW;
    located in Thayer County, NE; 2 years met data
  • Milligan – 400MW;
    located in Fillmore County, NE; 2 years met data

ARM Acquired Projects

Acquired Cornhusker Project from RES Americas in late 2012.

  • 200 MW development located in Saline County, NE
  • Met Tower data for three years plus wildlife studies
  • Project has excellent transmission and the ability to grow beyond 200 MW

ARM is Growing

While many wind developers have left the state in the last two years, ARM has developed new projects, committed additional development money to our existing projects; and acquired a project.  We are committed to wind in Nebraska.

If you have a project you would like to sell to ARM please contact Gary Aksamit at 402-980-8800.

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